About us


JJS OWN is a company based on hard work, perseverance & resilience. Her story can be told as the American Dream.

Joy “JJ” Ortiz, Owner and Creator, of this mouthwatering line of all natural dressings and marinades didn’t have anything handed to her. Everything she has achieved she worked hard to obtain. The obstacles that she has overcome have enabled her to proudly say JJS OWN is in one of the largest markets in the world.

Being told no was never an option. Multiple emails and phone calls without response were endless. Luckily, one person took interest and the process of getting into Whole Foods began. Everything seemed to be coming into place.

Unfortunately, things took a turn with a super storm that not only took her initial inventory, but her home. At this point there was no power, heat, hot water, and the security of having a warm bed to lay her head in at the end of the day.

After her home was gutted and months of repairs, she and her family were finally able to move back in. Now being able to concentrate on the fact that Whole Foods had finally added JJS OWN dressings and marinades to the shelves.  

Being a small independently owned company there is no big factory producing these products, each bottle is handmade one ingredient at a time by JJ herself. From production, to labeling, to packing, delivering and sampling she did and still does it all. 

Fast Forward to today....

JJS OWN has increased to 6 amazing dressings and marinades and continues to grow.

JJS OWN now has a 5,500 sq foot facility where products and merchandise are sent out daily. You can find JJS OWN at 405 Railroad Ave. East Rutherford NJ 07073 where products can be picked up for local customers or shipped out to anywhere in the world. Whether JJ is bottling it herself or overseeing it, the quality and taste will never be compromised as she prides herself on customer satisfaction!